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358 Weld Mesh Security Fencing

358 weld mesh security fencing is the definitive mesh fencing system for perimeter protection, featuring a finger and foothold-proof wire configuration that creates a barrier which is virtually impossible to climb, penetrate or cut by conventional means; offering maximum security and anti-corrosion protection. 358 weld mesh security fencing is suitable for use in many locations where security is paramount and particularly where good visibility has to be maintained, such as prisons and airports. The design of this system not only makes it the most secure within the welded mesh security fencing range, it creates the most formidable perimeter security solution available today.


About 358 welded mesh

358 Weld Mesh Security Fencing

Where the application specifically demands a heavy duty security mesh design to meet specifications including the use of CCTV, or where a visual deterrent is a primary consideration, SSR's 358 Security Mesh system provides an ideal solution for a wide variety of high security perimeter and access control applications. The climb resistant mesh with its small apertures and welds at each intersection eliminate foot and finger holds, prevent objects being passed through and is particularly effective against the use of conventional hand cutting tools.

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