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Chestnut Pale Fencing

Traditional chestnut pale fencing is made from cleft chestnut pales and is secured top and bottom by four straining wires for strength and can be supplied with two or three rows of wire. The pales are spaced 75mm apart.



Commercial Fencing - Chestnut Pale Fencing

Chestnut paling is a beautifully rustic style of fencing that is frequently used in a variety of locations. Private and public gardens alike utilise this attractive and easy to use paling. The unobtrusiveness of the chestnut paling fencing means that it will suit almost any situation, allowing you to keep whatever is being fenced in on display.

A very popular use for chestnut paling is tree protection. It can also be suitable for dog fencing depending on the size and nature of your pet. Chestnut forms a natural looking and fairly unobtrusive garden fence which looks good in rural areas. If you need to build a fence which doesn't follow a completely straight line, chestnut paling is ideal as you can form it to almost any shape you wish.

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