Aluminium Commercial Fencing

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Commerical Fencing

Our commercial fencing installation team have successfully completed some of the most high profile and highly challenging contracts throughout the UK. We are able to offer services installing many different varieties of commercial fencing such as:

  • Aluminium Railings
  • Pedestrian Barriers
  • Parkland Fencing
  • Estate Fencing
  • Bow Top Railings
  • Sphere Top Fencing
  • And many more-please ask for details


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Our Products

We understand that protection of your business, property and assets is paramount, therefore we would be happy to offer advice on the most suitable commercial fencing to suit your needs. With a wealth of experience in this field, our services are often recommended by other satisfied customers.


Aluminium Railings

Aluminium Railing. Aluminium railings are quick and simple to install with no welding required. This system is polyester powder coated and gives an overall height of 1.2m, which is great for indoor and outdoor use.


Pedestrian Barriers

At SSR Fencing we have a large selection of pedestrian barriers and guardrails. As one of UK's leading pedestrian barriers suppliers, we are able to provide, a wide range of fencing rail suitable for various applications.


Parkland Fencing

A low-cost alternative to the Estate Fencing and available galvanised or powder coated black. Add an end bar and a foot bar to finish the run of each installation.


Estate Fencing

This type of fencing and gates has become a popular solution with house builders in residential developments. Our estate fencing is supplied in 1.2m high ready made panels, making it a quick and economical fencing solution. Also ideal for use as continuous boundary fence in parkland, paddocks and estates.


Sphere Top Fencing

Our sphere top railing is popular as a garden perimeter or separator. It gives the look of a more security themed railing while being completely free of points and sharp edges.


Bow Top Fencing

Bow top fencing, so called because of its distinctive rounded safety top, is a traditional design which can turn a perimeter fence into an attractive feature. It is usually seen in public & recreation areas, combining security with aesthetics.


Vertical Bar Railings

Vertical bar railings have been developed to offer a multi-choice specification designed for a wide range of applications. Vertical bar fencing is manufactured to fulfil the boundary protection requirements of both commercial and recreational applications.


Linear Railings

Designed as a modular railing system, with the ease of installation in mind. The system allows the construction of long runs of railings, quickly and easily, made from high quality, galvanised steel.


Chestnut Pale Fencing

Traditional chestnut pale fencing is made from cleft chestnut pales and is secured top and bottom by four straining wires for strength and can be supplied with two or three rows of wire. The pales are spaced 75mm apart.


Chain Link Fencing

A well proven popular, versatile and easy to erect fencing suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Stock Fencing

Green wire stock fencing is used largely in agricultural farming, see below from our galvanised stock fencing, botherwise types have been designed to provide assurance of quality and longevity.


Acoustic Barriers

Noise pollution, a growing problem in our densely populated modern world. We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels* in laboratory conditions, while maintaining an attractive and 'natural' appearance.


MUGAs / Sport Fencing

A Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) allows you to use one court to play s multitude of games such as football, tennis, basketball and netball. If opting for multiple MUGAs several sports can be played safely as the same time, with the use of Double Skin fencing to separate the playing areas providing a safe playing area for each court.


Bespoke Commercial Fencing

SSR Fencing Ltd is a leading supplier of bespoke commercial fencing solutions in Essex and across in the UK, providing a range of products to meet a wide variety of requirements.