Timber Gates

We manufacture and install a large range of timber gates.



Equestrian & Agricultural Gates

Rural areas have many fencing needs, containing livestock and demarcation purposes being the most obvious. SSR Fencing has a wide range of products aimed at fulfilling these needs and more.


Our Equestrian & Agricultural Gates

Equestrian & Agricultural Gates Essex

Security focused wooden or powder-coated steel farm gates can be a very worthwhile investment. They help stop opportunists from coming onto your property, and help you keep your animals safe.

If you have horses in particular, we understand how they’re unpredictable ‘flight’ animals and if loose can cause a lot of damage to others as well as themselves.

SSR's wooden or powder-coated steel agricultural gates and entry solutions can help you protect them while also helping to minimise horse and tack theft, which has seen a significant nationwide increase due to the ever-increasing cost of keeping horses.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed Equestrian / Agricultural Gate.

If you are interested in getting a quote for our Equestrian / Agricultural Gates please get in touch.