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Paladin Classic Mesh Panel Fencing

Paladin is the most popular Weldmesh fence panel due to its innovative and unique appearance. It is regularly specified for a wide range of uses where an aesthetically pleasing appearance is essential. The panels feature pressed 'V' forms containing additional 4mm diameter wires for the full panel width, offering strength, rigidity and a cost-effective anti-intruder barrier solution. 



Paladin Classic Mesh Panel Fencing

As well as sophisticated good looks, the Paladin manufacturing process utilises 3mm diameter galvanised wire with horizontals spaced at 50mm and verticals at centres ranging between 12.5mm and 50mm to form the unique Paladin panel pattern.

Posts for fences up to and including 3.0m are manufactured from 60x60 SHS and posts for heights in excess of 3.0m are manufacture from 80x60 RHS.

Heights in excess of 2.40m are achieved by using suitably sized panels to attain the desired height, using the Multi Lift Principle, which involves positioning one or more panels above the base panel.

'V' Section beams are pressed into the panel to give even greater rigidity and 4mm diameter wires are used in this area to provide maximum strength.

Available in a wide range of heights from 0.90m to 3.60m, panels are attached to suitably sized RHS posts, utilising M8 threaded inserts, tamper proof bolts, and slotted clamp bars. The maximum individual panel size is 2440mm x 3025mm in length.



The method of installation for both standard and Multi Lift Paladin remains the same, with posts positioned at 2.975m centres for 'Classic' and 3.0m centres for 'FX'. Paladin Classic Mesh Fencing has a full length clamp bar passing through the formed "V" beams and the bolts are inserted to secure both the clamp bar and the panel to the post. This creates a neat and tidy secure method of installation.