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Profiled Mesh Panel Security Fencing

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, profiled mesh panel fences are a popular way to keep intruders out of a property or boundary, and their flexible design allows them to be deployed almost anywhere. While some security fencing designs can be overcome by intruders who would climb over them, profiled mesh panels are extremely difficult to get a grip on due to the narrow, close-together wires, while the design is strong enough to withstand forceful attacks on the fence itself.


Which type of weld mesh fencing should you choose?

Profiled Mesh Panel Fencing

There are a number of different types of welded mesh panel types fencing to pick from, each suited to a particular task;



Profiled mesh panels meanwhile, have a v-shaped profile that reinforce the fence's rigidity and strength, and may be stepped to accommodate slopes in the ground. For high risk sites, EuroGuard® Extra and Securi-Mesh® Plus is particularly recommended, featuring thicker hot dip galvanised steel mesh wires to make it harder than ever to cut through.


Incorporating the anti-climb design seen in other welded mesh panels, the Extra's posts can also be adapted to house security camera or light sources for additional protection.

Alternatively, the EuroGuard® Combi is an excellent solution for bin stores, generator storage and protection and other locations that are usually kept out of sight. This security fencing solution incorporates timber slats into a design that is as attractive as it is secure, and matching security gates can be added for access control. The combination of steel and timber makes for an extremely secure fence, providing a flat facing services that affords intruders no hand or foot holds to climb.


Make security fencing a priority for your business

Recent disturbances in London, Manchester and Birmingham have made it clearer than ever that no business can afford to be relaxed about perimeter security. All welded mesh panels supplied by SSR Fencing can feature posts that are hot dip galvanised to the BS EN 1461 quality code as standard, meaning you can be reassured that you have made the right choice to secure your property.