Added Protection

Protect your assets from intruders, vandals and trespassers.



Raptor Fence Topping

Raptor is an Anti Scaling Barrier ideal whenever additional security is required around buildings and facilities. It is built as a cost effective solution to deter vandals and other unauthorised access to premises and dangerous installations. It's design consists of a series of multi-rotational spiked modules revolving on a central shaft to provide an unstable barrier for any who try to climb over.



Fence Toppings - Raptor Fence Toppings Essex

SSR Fencing offers Raptor's anti-climbing solution and recommends it for being strong, durable and corrosion resistant. The installation of the product is also very simple and cost-effective, making it ideal wherever you need security fencing at affordable prices.

The Raptor Anti Scaling Barrier is made of fire resistant and high impact durable plastic, making it heat resistant and corrosion resistant. It is most commonly attached to walls, pallisade fences, mesh fences, wooden fences and building and also used to replace barbed and razor wire.

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