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Roll Form Welded Mesh Security Fencing

Roll form welded mesh security fences are one of the most cost effective ways of forming an effective visual barrier to stop intruders and enhance the security to a wide range of facilities. Welded mesh is manufactured from galvanised wire with or without a coloured outer coating. The mesh is usually available in 25 or 12.5 metre rolls. Standard available finishes are galvanised, green RAL 6005 and black RAL 9005. Other colours are available in panel form. Unlike chain link, welded mesh supplied in roll form is not woven but welded at every horizontal and vertical section. This construction means the welded mesh helps to form a more rigid barrier. The fact that to gain entry through the fence would require the cutting through of numerous wires. The mesh is secured and supported on either 3.15mm high tensile or 3.55mm mild steel line wires with stainless steel welded mesh clips. These stainless clips when crimped in place offer a secure, safe and difficult to remove fixing.


Roll Form Welded Mesh

Roll Form Weld Mesh Security Fencing


  • Utility security
  • FEN security
  • Ministry of Defence
  • British Gas security
  • Water Board security
  • Railtrack security
  • BAA (Hal) security
  • Industrial security fencing
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities Park security


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