Aluminium Commercial Fencing

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Sphere Top Fencing

Our sphere top railing is popular as a garden perimeter or separator. It gives the look of a more security themed railing while being completely free of points and sharp edges.


Galvanized Finish

Commercial Fencing - Sphere Top Fencing

Every part of a galvanized article is protected, even recesses, sharp corners and inaccessible areas. A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical and environmental damage. This means galvanizing is almost invariably cheapest finish in the long term (because it lasts longer and needs less maintenance). No coating applied to a structure or fabrication after completion can provide the same protection.

Common applications include: Housing, Recreation areas, Public spaces, Schools, Company premises and Car parks.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed system.

If you are interested in getting a quote for commercial sphere top fencing please get in touch.