Close Board Fencing

Closeboard fencing can add a touch of class and elegance to your premises.



Square, Nailed Post & Rail

This sturdy fencing consists of sawn square section 125mm x 75mm vertical posts with three half round 100mm face rails nailed to the posts. Allow one posts for every 1.8m of fence and one for the end of the run. Allow three rails for every 3.6m of fence.



Timber Fencing - Square, Nailed Post & Rail Essex

This sturdy fencing comprises of sawn square section vertical posts, with three horizontal rails, nailed to the posts. There is a choice of either half round rails or sawn square section rails.

This type of fence can have 2, 3, or 4 rails depending on what is required. A wire netting can also be fixed to the rails, such as rabbit wire to keep out pests, or C8/80/80 stock wire to keep in sheep and lambs.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed timber fencing system.

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