Timber Gates

We manufacture and install a large range of timber gates.



Steel Gates

SSR Fencing Ltd is a leading supplier of steel gates in Essex and across the UK, providing a range of products to meet a wide variety of requirements. SSR Fencing supplies both domestic and commercial steel gates with a diverse portfolio. Steel gate solutions include but are not limited to; security fencing, sports fencing and commercial security systems.


Our Steel Gates

Steel Gates Essex

SSR Fencing have a stunning range of steel gates for you to choose from - all of which can be made to any width or height. Choose from different finishes, all come complete with adjustable hinges/ pins, opening latch and drop bolts.

We offer a huge range of steel gate types such as Driveway Gates, Sliding Gates, 3/4 Split Gates, Garden Gates, Side gates and Metal Railings.

There are advantages to choosing steel gates, one of which includes lower maintenance, compared to an equivalent timber gate that will need annual staining/ painting. A steel gate usually only requires a basic touch up to cover any marks/ scratches. There is no risk of the steel gate expanding or twisting making the gate more durable than a timber version. As all gate designs are "open panelled". Those wanting to automate the gate are able to use a lower 24v automation kit.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed steel gates.

If you are interested in getting a quote for our steel gates please get in touch.