Added Protection

Protect your assets from intruders, vandals and trespassers.



Vandgard Fence Topping

Unlike broken glass or razor wire, which can form mantraps, or impaling fence spikes which are often illegal and can also present a dangerous hazard to employees working overhead or nearby, Vandgard Anti-Climb is not designed with intent to cause serious harm. It's rotating action creates an unstable barrier which rolls if anyone attempts to climb over it. Visually it is a clear warning in itself and so does not contravene either the Health or Safety at Work Act, COSHH regulations or any other civil or criminal laws.



Fence Toppings - Vandgard Fence Topping

Vandgard holds the patent of the first non-injurious anti-climb security. Their "anti-climb fencing" solutions will effectively deter any opportunist intruder, but legally, without the liability you might otherwise incur if you hurt them in the process.

Vandgard safely and surely rolls away aggression and crime from your property in compliance with all applicable laws.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed steel fencing system.

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