Frequently Asked Questions


  • Timber


    Q: Why is there a variation in colour?

    A: All tree's are different, the timber treatments penetrate each cut differently. The colour differences will become less pronounced over time.


    Q: Can i paint or stain my new fence?

    A: Once your fence has been erected, let the treatment dry for several weeks, it will then be fine to paint or stain.


    Q: When do knots occur?

    A: Knots are present where branches were once on the tree before it was cut. We carefully pick the timber we use to minimise the knots.


  • Security & Steel


    Q: What colour can i have my security/steel fence?

    A: All of our steel products are available in a variety of colours to suits your needs and prefrence.

    Q: What height can i have my security fence?

    A: All of our steel products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and prefrence.


  • Installation


    Q: Can i have my order installed by SSR fencing?

    A: We have experts in all fields of fencing and cover the whole of the uk.


    Q: Can your repair my fence?

    A: We are happy to carry out any repairs as well as providing you with a quote to replace old or damaged fences.


    Q: Do you come to site and measure?

    A: One of our surveyors will attend site to measure up.


  • Ordering


    Q: How do I place an order?

    A: Call us on 02078560467 or email us ENQUIRIES@SSRFENCING.COM and speak to the team.


    Q: I am not near your depots, how can I see your products?

    A: Most of our products are on the website for viewing.


  • Delivery


    Q: How do you deliver?

    A: Delivery options can be flexible to suit your needs. Feel free to ask to the team for advice.


    Q: How do i know if its a stock item?

    A: The majority will be a stock item. If you are still unsure please do not hesitate to call 0207 856 0467.


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We have tried to answer as many of the general questions frequently asked by our customers, if you require further information or would like a more detailed response please get in touch or call us on 0207 8560467