Steel Security Fencing Suppliers

SSR Fencing Ltd is a leading supplier of steel fencing solutions.


Security Fencing

The reason customers come to SSR Fencing. Our installation teams have successfully completed some of the most high profile and highly challenging contracts throughout the UK. We are able to offer services installing many different varieties of security fencing such as:

  • 358 Weld mesh
  • ā€˜Vā€™ mesh
  • Palisade
  • Chain link
  • 656 Twin wire mesh
  • 868 Twin wire mesh
  • And many more-please ask for details


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Our Products

We understand that protection of your business, property and assets is paramount, therefore we would be happy to offer advice on the most suitable security fencing to suit your needs. With a wealth of experience in this field, our services are often recommended by other satisfied customers.


Steel Security Fencing Suppliers

SSR Fencing Ltd is a leading supplier of steel security fencing solutions in Essex and across in the UK, providing a range of products to meet a wide variety of requirements. SSR Fencing supplies both domestic and commercial steel fences with a diverse portfolio of metal fencing systems. Steel fencing solutions include but are not limited to; security fencing, sports fencing and commercial security systems.


Welded Mesh Security Fencing

Our welded mesh systems are constructed from steel wire. Most welded mesh fences are simply hot dip galvanised, but can also be zinc alloy coated for exceptional corrosion resistance, this typically achieves up to four times longer life than generic mesh.


Roll Form Weld Mesh Fencing

Roll form welded mesh security fences are one of the most cost effective ways of forming an effective visual barrier to stop intruders and enhance the security to a wide range of facilities. Welded mesh is manufactured from galvanised wire with or without a coloured outer coating.


Profiled Mesh Panel Fencing

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, profiled mesh panel fences are a popular way to keep intruders out of a property or boundary, and their flexible design allows them to be deployed almost anywhere.


Paladin Classic Mesh Panel Fencing

Paladin is the most popular Weldmesh fence panel due to its innovative and unique appearance. It is regularly specified for a wide range of uses where an aesthetically pleasing appearance is essential.


Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing

The principle feature of this fencing is the unique and "user friendly" closed beam section located along the top and bottom edge of the panel. With no sharp or raw edges, Roll Top panels are suitable where safety is a particular consideration.


358 Weld Mesh Fencing

358 weld mesh security fencing is the definitive mesh fencing system for perimeter protection, featuring a finger and foothold-proof wire configuration that creates a barrier which is virtually impossible to climb, penetrate or cut by conventional means


Palisade Fencing

The Palisade fencing family is designed to provide a formidable barrier. Its manufacture, combining substantial hot-formed and cold-rolled steel sections, assures both strength and rigidity and offers a proven long lifespan.


Bespoke Security Fencing

As we install our own fencing and gates, this allows us to supply bespoke fencing as required by our customers. Call us on 01376 795544.